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Best bracelets made of amber from the store "Amber crown"
The bracelet is one of the most popular women's jewellery, which has long been endowed with mystical properties. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and the priestess in ancient temples put on your wrist made of gold and silver. Today this decoration is still not lost its miraculous properties. It is believed that his magical power is enhanced if it is made of precious stones. The beauty and distinctiveness of natural amber has no equal. He has a unique color palette and structure, for which it is often called Baltic gold. Store "Amber crown" is looking to choose a beautiful and stylish bracelets made of amber for every taste. We offer both independent instances and luxury sets, complemented by beads or pendants, rings.
Features bracelet made of amber
This gemstone is characterized by the fact that it increases the power of the person, which is why it's been recommended to wear for pregnant and nursing women, and people suffering from various ailments. It is believed that a happy family life a man needs his lady to buy a bracelet made of amber or any other decoration of this precious stone. In this case, it becomes a talisman of their married happiness.
This stone it is not by accident called "Sunny". All the products look very delicate and attractive, therefore, equally suitable for women of any age. So, leather bracelets with amber look good even on very young ladies who surround made of precious stones often look too dressy.
How to choose and buy amber bracelet
To purchased a decoration pleasing to the eye and give energy, it must fit your style. For fans of the classics we recommend thin bracelets made of amber, which always look beautiful and elegant. Romantic ladies suit and more massive ornaments, consisting of several rows of stones.
The price of bracelets made of amber usually depends on many factors such as the value of the product and its exclusivity.
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