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Amber from Amber Crown is made of Baltic amber is mined in Kaliningrad Amber Combine. Baby from the Kaliningrad amber is of the highest quality. Great content succinite acid gives the ambers of our production of great resistance to aggressive environmental influences, they are less oxidized, did not lose commodity and aesthetic appearance. Chips of amber can be applied in a wide range of products for decorative purposes, such as NATURAL beads, as well amber is used for artistic mosaic, paintings, murals, and much more. Recently amber chips used in the manufacture of cosmetics based on the amber powder. Baby from amber may be a natural shape, this raw amber detail with the crusts of weathering and oxidation, as well amber can be in the form of polished pebbles or sharp scraps from production. At sunrise, the activities of the amber factory amber chips and production residues produced succinic acid, oil and colophony, which are further used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and paint production.
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